CFD Series


  • snl-type
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    Model TPS-10CFD TPS-12CFD
    Max. cutting length 3200mm 3800mm
    Max. cutting depth Max.100 mm
    Main sawblade diameter Ø405mm
    Main sawblade arbor diameter Ø60mm
    Main sawblade speed 4700R.P.M.
    Scoring sawblade diameter Ø180mm
    Scoring sawblade arbor diameter Ø45mm
    Scoring sawblade speed 5400R.P.M.
    Saw carriage forward speed 100 M/min
    Saw carriage return speed 120 M/min
    Main sawblade motor 15HP
    Scoring sawblade motor 3HP
    Saw carriage drive motor 1KW
    High Pressure blower motor 5HP
    Machine bed blower motor 3HP
    Pusher feed motor 1KW
    Pusher feed speed 80M/min
    Working air pressure 5kg/cm2
    Table height from floor 900mm
    • PC operating controller
      • Industrial grade computer
      • 19″ LCD colorful screen
      • Optimization function
      • Simulation function
      • Bar code printer available
      • Office online connecting available
    • Japan imported 10″ tft colorful touch screen
      • The computer features self-diagnostic function.
      • Chinese/English display conversion for increased flexibility.
      • Size error can be compensated by the machine home position.
    • Mechanical floating grippers
      The grippers design with mechanical floating and fitted with rubber to avoid scratching on panel surface.
    • Automatically swing type side aligner
      When cutting narrow panels, the pressing rollers can be applied for pressing panels against the angle fence, ensuring high square accuracy of cut.
    • Precision magnetic scale
      The machine employs German-imported magnetic scale to achieve high panel positioning accuracy.
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